What in The World is Music

The Intro

Music. A topic that everybody loves to talk about. A topic that makes you realize that you share an emotion with somebody who you probably don’t even share your name with. There’s something more to music than you think there is. It isn’t just a note played on an instrument or sung by your favourite artist. Music. A single word that resonates with everybody.

The Bridge

Just think for a moment. How many languages have you explored because of music? How many movies have you liked, not because it was amazing, but because the soundtracks were? How many people have you met because of music? How many people’s lives have you taken a peek into, through music? How many nights have you spent with music? How much has music taken a peek into your life?

The Solo

What many people don’t realise is that music is a drug. It really is. Scientifically speaking, it activates the same part of the brain that drugs do; makes your brain think, ”This is some good stuff!”, making itself release dopamine. The same chemical that’s released when you’re high. An average person listens to music for 13 years of their life. And most of it is heard when you’re alone. When you’re alone, you’re free to flow with the music, you can do your little dance, you can shuffle your bottom, you can sit and think, you can fall in love, you can cry your heart out because forgotten memories are picturised by the lyrics you’re listening to. You can fall into your own mind.

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Hi! I’m Nikhil. I love words, I love music, I love words in music and nothing gives me more happiness than searching and finding out information about things that make absolutely no sense in the real world.

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Editors: Anushri and Grisha

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