Mess of Politics

Dear Apolitical People,

When you say, “Politics is too messy”, do you know that you are taking a political stance? Your silence about the status quo reflects your comfort in the same political environment that is killing countless others. You show inadvertent support to the people in power whether your beliefs align with today’s bureaucrats’ or not.

Whatever group/party you choose to support is ultimately dependent on your ideologies and it’s not our place to convince you to support the groups we do. However, you can not afford to be apolitical in a country like ours and that is an undeniable fact.

The water of change we’re in has forever been a melting pot of strong minds. The Independence Day that we celebrate is a result of long and tedious political toil. Denouncing the British at that time was a political statement. If that is such a glorious thing to have done, it’s time we pull off the veil over politics, as a matter of discussion, and encourage discourse.

Then again, you might say : “Politics is controversial” and we agree. It is! It has caused rifts between long standing friendships and alienated family members. But you have to realize, supporting different political groups isn’t like supporting different teams at the World Cup. These groups are responsible for passing bills and sanctions that could either benefit the common mass or hinder our well being a lot. So kindly don’t neglect politics to show tacit support to people in your life who choose to undermine your beliefs.

Let’s take the current state of Afghanistan, for example. No amount of protesting we do seems to be practically useful, considering that a lot of it has been online and will likely continue to be so, but that is no reason to stop. A country is being swallowed whole by the dark abyss of extremism. We cannot, by any means, accept this incredulous act of cruelty as we have accepted other systematic intolerances. In fact, any act that remotely plays with our human rights should be called out with haste.

Whatever rung of society you’re in, whatever religion you follow, one thing that binds us all is ‘compassion’ for others. This is the time you either choose to have a say, or forever hold your silence like a coward.

Politics is about people. Anything that concerns people can never hold a lukewarm opinion. So rise to the occasion and educate yourself on these topics. You’re no more fighting to prove a point, you’re fighting for survival…in the murky waters where many rebellions and revolutions have drowned. But not anymore, this is a new revolution, a new promise for the world.

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Hi! I’m Kaushiki Chowdhury. I’m a prospective undergraduate and I intend to pursue english with an elective of film studies. I enjoy reading books and my current read is “A Little Life”

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