Bloom My Life Again

Memories which we created,
Thunderstorm which we together chased,
I smile when all the flashback lies in front of my eyes
You promised me I am the whole world to you,
Broken down into several pieces.

Don’t you come and fix me too?
The scares which are given by you,
Searching for a medicine to go away from you.
Our souvenir reminds me of you,
I want to bury all of them, but I am a vacant soul without you.

Floating in a water like a dead body
Waiting for you from the day you left me,
It was a long time ago, it was yesterday.
Only the darkness lies in front of me since that day.

Reconnecting all the moments,
Which is never going to die for me.
You gone far away, but I know you will come back
And bloom my life again.

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Hey! I’m Simran Patnik a poet writer an amateur guitarist and a student by morning and reader by night. I’m introvert but my thought make me an extrovert. I’m currently lives in Chhattisgarh with my parents, two monster fishes and some characters who need to learn manners. Some of my works got featured in multiple platforms. Mostly I write about love and relationship but sometimes people around me inspire me to write about inspirational stuff.

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Editors: Ritika and Grisha

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