Victim Mind

I am no victim of my mind,
Body and soul are mine.
Depth I seek,
To break the bind.
Truth, complete truth.

And love in my bowl,
Makes me gratified and whole.
When I was a victim of my mind,
Couldn’t see my power,
It made me blind.

Hide from the pain,
And live in vain.
No more my mind could tame
Or bring somber, sorrow, or shame.

To overpower your mind,
You have to stop to lament.
And teach your monster to be kind.
To make this world,
A better place.

It is your response ability.
To clean your space,
Be no victim of your mind,
Leave it all behind.

Hello, my name is Mannat.

I always write to satiate my desires, per se, it has been a panacea for all my problems. I write to learn, to express, and feel, be it copywriting projects (my job), writing for somebody, or anything. I find happiness when I express my feelings, especially those which are dormant. I do not consider myself as a perfect or an articulate writer but I understand, I do it more for pleasure than persuasion.

For me, poetry is a tool to go into the unknown and complete what is left unfinished or experience what I never had.

If you like to read more poems or would like to know or talk to me, you can find me on Instagram or email me too.



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