Claim Your Sunshine back!

For all the chaos that tries to engulf you, day after day after day,

the people in your world would never fully know your wins and how you pulled them off in situations where even a tinge of Positivity seemed bleak. 

They often associate Courage with having the right kind of perspectives. 

But, storms never prepare you to stand handy with these weapons of survival.

You fear. A lot. But you fight anyway.

You break. Into pieces beyond. But you glue yourself up anyway. 

Their version of Strength may never meet yours. But you live through those storms after storms after storms, anyway.

And still hold (more) Love in your heart.

THAT, to me, is Strength. ❤️

At every sunset and the following sunrise, those paths were filled with uncertainty and fear.
Despite that, you held onto your own version of Hope and turned a warrior out of it. You never looked back enough to self-validate that you’ve been thriving on the other side of it, all along. You make yourself proud (for all healthy reasons), for choosing to thrive

And that, to me, is a Win

A huge win. Huge enough that one can’t ever make trophies to materialise it.

You. Have. Come. A. Really. Long. Way.

For once, please, celebrate. ❤️

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Hello, My name is Sowmya Krishna Kumar.

I work as an advanced analyst at my day job and then post I that switch roles to writer/poet. I found my passion for writing in 2016 and there’s been no looking back since then, having amassed over 300 poems/creative write-ups in my 5-stack used up journals/diaries. My dream is to work and grow in the publishing world. To walk closer to this dream, I undertook a certified experiential course in Editing and Publishing conducted by ‘Bound India (one of the budding publishing houses in India). My aim through my writing is to heal the world through the sheer power of words.



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