A Poet Someday

I long to write poetry that would make you question if it were about you,

Perhaps you’d find yourself in my tormented words and sullied thoughts.

Little did I know, you rarely found yourself in me while I had already lost myself in you.

What would the masters say?

Would they be pleased with my fallibilities? Or, would they turn in their graves in pure disgust?

It is a silly notion, I’ll admit. Purity. How are we, the most impure of all, to decide upon the sanctity of anything?

Anything, I say, for I fear to say “anyone”

Because then will scorn rain upon that poor soul who wouldn’t know what he had done to deserve so.

If I may, I’ll like to come back to you, only after I had belonged to the world, to life itself.

I wish not to be owned, by you or anyone else, yet, I yearn for a kindred spirit like you.

Does that sound unlike me?

Does that sound like someone I would never wish to be?

Do not tell me.

Let me wonder.

In wonder I shall find solace.

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Hi! I’m Kaushiki Chowdhury. I’m a prospective undergraduate and I intend to pursue english with an elective of film studies. I enjoy reading books and my current read is “A Little Life”

Email – kaushikicd360@gmail.com

Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/cowshiki/https://www.instagram.com/cowshiki/


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