“Achievement is the greatest goal.”

Your mission is to achieve all in this lifetime because all tangible necessities are of greater worth if consumed intellectually. We put our senses to satisfy our curiosity. The completion of life goals depends on planning. It isn’t necessary to have a planner but a bucket list- a list of all items you want to accomplish in a life span.

A bucket list can be categorized based on the aspects one wishes to fulfill. Few categories are:

i) Health- Diet plans, forming a habit for change in lifestyle governs people to form a list of items for sound health.

ii) Travel- It is the most common topic for a bucket list. Travelers around the world would be found with papers full of countries’ names.

iii) Social Work- People establish certain social goals such as blood donation, donate to charity, teaching kids who can’t afford education, etc.,. provide contentment.

iv) Self-fulfillment- One forms this checklist to intensify the motivation needed to live a life. Bungee jumping, attending a concert, learning a foreign language etc.,. are a few examples that help in realizingone’s full potential.

Creating a personal bucket list depends on the needs and requires a motive or reason to do something.

To build a personalized bucket list, it is essential to keep these six points in mind:a. Ponder over the categories available.b. Choose and think about what, how, when and where to complete them.c. Write about the things already accomplished.d. Analyze.e. Produce what can be added (like something you ever wished to do but couldn’t due to situational or financial barriers)f. Act.


People set goals and attain them but never realize why they desire to do it. A bucket list is a compilation of one’s unattained yearning that sets one’s heart for adventure. The skills of planning, execution, and organization are learned via this list. It surely come along with positive mental health benefits.1. Promotes positive thinking: Tasks done via a bucket list helps people to develop a positive outlook towards others and themselves.2. Inculcates enthusiasm: Once a person procure what he wanted, he/she becomes full of enthusiasm which decreases the chances of anxiety and stress.3. Enhanced self-esteem- It’s a different journey that an individual takes on with itself. It helps people love themselves and recognize self-worth.


Celebrate the change. Focus on yourself. Do what makes you happy. 

“A life full of regrets is a life never lived.”

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I’m Deepti. I’m an avid reader of classics and exhibit an interest in philosophy. I’m motivated by my love for learning and desire of writing.

Email- khatkardeepti@gmail.com

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Editors: Ritika and Grisha

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