The Eight Letter Word Called Kindness

They once said, “An eye for an eye,
hate for hate, darkness for darkness”
They still say, “Violence can
only be resisted by violence”
Given any thought to it?
Agreeing with the general opinion
and blindly following others
is an art many have mastered.

I respectfully disagree with these problematic statements, there is
something else way more powerful
than violence, hate and darkness
The eight letter word, called “kindness.” 

Kindness is a weapon,
a powerful one indeed!
A weapon that can peacefully
demolish anything and everything
that comes in it’s way.

Gandhi went on to say,
“An eye for an eye makes
the whole world blind”
“Darkness cannot drive out darkness;
only light can do that
Hate cannot drive out hate;
only love can do that”;
said Martin Luther King, Jr.

The power possessed by kindness
is criminally, sinfully underrated
Kindness has the power of positivity,
the power of enlightenment
Incomparable to any other weapon,
no matter how powerful it is.

A day will come,
hopefully in the near future,
when the power of kindness
is not questioned anymore.

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Hi! I am Roopa Radhakrishnan. I am a final year BA student, an aspiring writer and an hopeless optimist.

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