A Perspective

A perspective of an individual is a subjective asset that is influenced by the innate states of mind, such as feelings and emotions. Each one of us has a perspective. And all perspectives differ from one another. 
Perspective of an individual has nothing to do with the person or thing the perspective is about. It influences our view of things but has no effect on the thing itself. 
For instance, let’s consider the example of a glass with water. For some the glass is half-filled, for some, it is half empty, for some, it is filled with air and water, and so many more perspectives.
The glass and the quantity of water are seen from different perspectives by different individuals, but does it make any difference to the glass or the water? 
The glass is completely fine with its being, and so is water. It doesn’t matter what people think of them.
As per some beliefs, a person sees herself/himself in the other. An individual is reflected in the other. Altogether, we are reflected in the other through our perspective of the other. As follows, a perspective is extremely subjective.
Perspectives are stored in the mind. Mind is a private space and others cannot watch the movie being played there and can’t peep into it via some hole. Others’ perspective doesn’t matter because the one, about whom the perspective is, stays unaware. 

What matters is how you perceive yourself because only you retain the access to your mind space. Moreover, whatever goes inside, that can make its way to your reality. A perspective leads to a thought and if a thought stays for long it tries to find a way to your world. But you can control your mind just by paying attention and by eliminating the negativity filled in there.
Perspective is not a person or a thing. It is just a glimpse/ appearance of others’ being in mind. It is only a paragraph of someone’s life that you have read. You can never read someone’s life’s book completely but can touch the surface only. Whatever your perspective is about anyone, never rely on it completely because it may not be what it seems to be.
Therefore, never get worried about how people perceive you. In the first place, you can never know another person’s perspective about you. Second, if you know it, you cannot change it. 
However, what you can change is your own perspective by finding happiness in the tiniest of the things, and positivity in the hurricane of negativity because that is what really matters.

Hi! I’m Saloni Bajaj. I’m a philosopher who loves to wander in the world of ideas and insights. I try to find meaning of things around and inside me I believe that there’s always a purpose behind everything. Every action, intention and passion has a purpose. For a writer, the purpose is to spread information, knowledge, wisdom, experience and positivity. Being a writer, it becomes a responsibility to spread awareness about crucial things that make life complete. Writing is a gift bestowed to a person with a purpose. I realised this gift at an early age and a few years ago realised the purpose of this gift. There’s a deep desire in me to bring a positive and essential change in the world through my writing. My heart sings when I am in the natural environment, say under the night sky or while watching the sunset with the breeze passing by me. I love watching bats coming from afar (I know it’s weird, but it’s really soothing). I am working on becoming a better version of me by practicing mindfulness.

Email – salonibajaj8@gmail.com

Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/niv.rtti/

Website – https://www.salonibajaj.com/

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