What is life?

Life is a miracle of nature. The same nature which created the mountains, oceans and the sky also created life. With all the forms of life on earth, we, humans, acquired the power to protect or destroy other life forms around us. We tend to destroy other life forms, not intentionally, but as a collateral of what we think life is. 

Many of the comforts we have were considered god-like powers a couple of centuries back. We have the power to go around the earth flying. We can talk to anyone on the earth if we want to!
We can control the temperature in the room. We can rewatch the memories anytime!

We have the great powers humanity once dreamt of, but great powers always come with greater responsibilities! Our mere existence gives us the responsibility of protecting life around us.

Hi! I’m Saibabu Jammu. I live think I write, I write hence I create, I create hence I exist!

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