Evening walk

We attired in each other’s favorite clothes,
Feeling serenity by holding each other’s hand.
Evening sky illuminating the word,
Away from concreate jungle,
Walking under the light pink sky.
We both surfing in sky chasing the moon light,
Evening walk with you is the only dream of mine.
Come with me.
I’ll show you infinite love of mine.
Your ups and downs are all mine.
Come out with me,
Lets bloom in life.
Sounds of chirping bird,
Leaves are swaying.
Laughter filled with joy,
With you every evening walk made my day.
Unknown destination,
Occult route.
Evening is ebullient,
Feeling more relaxing after your sparkling smile.
Making this moment exuberant venturesome.
Experiencing precious moment with you,
Our heart coming together 
No fear and no trouble when I’m with you.
Dancing under the moon light,
Creating fantasies and lost in you.
Walk together like this every day,
Every evening and for whole life.

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Hey! I’m Simran Patnik a poet writer an amateur guitarist and a student by morning and reader by night. I’m introvert but my thought make me an extrovert. I’m currently lives in Chhattisgarh with my parents, two monster fishes and some characters who need to learn manners. Some of my works got featured in multiple platforms. Mostly I write about love and relationship but sometimes people around me inspire me to write about inspirational stuff.

Email – simmi0419@gmail.com

Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/word_dream__/

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