Entwined Winds

A soft breeze flowed intertwining the hair,
Mere sound of pages flipped swiftly. 
Coffee about to ready for another refill,
Under the wondrous starry night.

A curious soul was up with a companion,
With some unfinished thoughts in head.
They talked through their serene silent,
Indeed books be the best chum of a being. 

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I’m Khushi Goswami, a girl from the city of lions, Junagadh but currently Ahmedabad has become my new abode! As I study at GLS university, Imba (integrated BBA) third year. I like to explore and because of that I got so many interests such as dancing, acting, painting, photography, writing and also gonna keep on keeping on…💃📸📑✈️ I’m a combination of Basic & Dope personality, a mad-head pizza lover, love to listen music & travelling is love & a head full of dreams also I’m a logophile( lover of words) and art is something I live by! 🌝🍕💛🎶

Email – khushigoswami2510@gmail.com

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