Which One Are You?

“Not again!” I bursted out looking at the bitter gourd dish on the dining table for the zillionth time this week. YUCK ! Do you know who eats bitter gourd in the morning, noon and night ? ONLY Zombies. Who else would eat that warty, grotesque, reptilian cucumber ?

And each time I was tricked by my mother into sampling her exotic bitter gourd dish prepared yet again by following a different recipe by some unique amateur chef with a promising you-would-love-it-this-time look of her’s. Consequently, on that grounds I have had a fair share of trust issues with this karela fiasco. DAMN ! Karela sucks and let that be the end of the matter.  

Like always, I habitually put forth my disapproval of karela and it’s bitter attack on my sensitive taste goblets. Of course, the matter doesn’t end there. It further escalates to a verbal war highlighting the benefits of that bumpy, plump, edible villain of my existence. And then, for that reason I would loathe it a little more. Frankly, I could be cynical when it comes to trusting people who dote on bitter gourd. Nothing much could be done I assume. Being genetically wired to hate eating karela is my take on the issue. Gosh ! Can’t wait to tell mother that she’s barking up the wrong tree.  

From the start of childhood the goodness of the bitter melon has been ruthlessly hammered into our heads by a screwed up society trying to impose its beliefs on you. A storehouse of several important nutrients with cancer fighting and weight loss properties, improves cardiac health, good for skin, eyes and hair – these were some of the reasons among many for its presence in our diet. Ultimately, some kids, unlike me, just give in with the belief that it doesn’t taste that bad after all.

Urgh! Being a karela fanatic is quite synonymous to being a religious or a political fanatic. One fails to look at the flip side of things. Besides it’s upperhand, the bitter apple has a fair allocation of damaging effects too. Research says that bitter gourd, if not consumed in controlled quantities could bring down the blood sugar levels. The red envelope that surrounds the seeds of the Balsam pear is known to cause abdominal pain and diarrhea if consumed in more than the recommended quantities. The excessive ingestion of its seeds are also known to cause headache, fever and even coma. 

If you’re reading this, don’t stop here. Everything about the African cucumber was a lie and yet people call it special. My aversion to the dreaded karela is definitely going with me to the grave. And there’s no cure for the same.

Sshh…My mother is still clueless of where I hid that bitter gourd portion which was on my plate a few minutes ago. Being the ‘weird one’ has always been a special kind of fun ! (Wink).

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2 responses to “Which One Are You?”

  1. I have no idea what karela is but you made me hate it with a passion almost as strong as yours. 😉 I think growing up the one food foisted on me that I hate to this day (I’m almost 50 now) is brussell sprouts — they are revolting, and have probably put me off cabbage too now that I think about it. I had to drench them in butter to make them even remotely edible and even then, nope.


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