Mono Act

A summer morning in Bangalore. The coffees are resting in front of Karthik and Mugdha. Karthik is a software employee who is frustrated about his boss and work. Mugdha is a teacher and they have both been in a relationship for 2 years. Not the anniversary anyone wants.

Mugdha is done with Karthik’s ignorance and workaholic nature and is on the verge to break the relationship apart. But before she opens up Karthik senses the scene and apologises to her for his behaviour. But he explains the situation to her crystal clear. When will this guy sees a therapist for god’s sake?

Karthik has a terrible boss, terrible in the sense someone worse the nightmare. But now things are a bit more tightly as his boss has prepared a report about Karthik citing his poor performance which if reached the HQ may take his job away. His girlfriend Mugdha is almost frustrated about Karthik’s condition and gives him options to either quit the job or the relationship or both.

Karthik goes in despair as he feels no one can understand his pain. By chance Karthik sees his rude boss coming to the same coffee shop they are sitting in. It’s not a nail in the coffin it’s the nail in the corpse itself.

And the boss is seen talking to someone on the phone. In the delay Mugdha draws a plan, it goes like she will make the boss engaged inside the coffee shop and get his car keys and meanwhile Karthik should steal the laptop from the car and delete the report. Karthik agrees to the plan without a second thought because he knows how his boss turns deaf when someone requests anything from him and refers to the Mugdha vs Boss situation as Kong vs Godzilla one.

Boss comes inside the coffee shop with calls after calls and finally, he scolds his wife terribly over the phone and cuts the call. He orders a coffee and when he looks straight he sees Mugdha sitting in front of him.

Mugdha asks the boss to give them his mobile and he resists at first and then gives her. She acts like she is calling her friend and tells her she is going to suicide and please tell everyone not to contact her. After cutting the call she goes back to her chair saying thanks to the boss. The boss is bamboozled and doesn’t know what happened, he senses he is in danger as she has done a suicide threat over his phone! What now? He tries to confront her, she refuses initially but admits to talking about her situation. Meanwhile, she knabs the car keys of the boss and throws it to Karthik over the window secretly.

Mugdha starts to act weird and starts to tell a fake story, she borrows the Mounaragam story and tells her story where she had a boyfriend in the past who loved her to the core and gave all her time. But she doesn’t even care about him and is not given any chance to hear his sorrows and laughter. One day on his birthday at this same café they met. But she was so busy on her phone, heartbroken her boyfriend leaves her without disturbing her and walks down the road and unexpectedly hits by a truck. She blames herself for the loss and tells she feels like a demon who doesn’t care about others. She further stretches the story melodramatically till Karthik from outside signals her to stop it as he is done in deleting the report. And he sends the car keys through a waiter.

Mugdha stops the story and quickly shows relief as she feels so good now because she got someone to talk to after a while and this made her change her decision from committing suicide and all. She shows her sign of relief as she vents down all her sorrow down.

But the damage is done! Even though it was a fake story, it made the boss think about his present life. He feels like if he continues his life without empathy, love, and care he will also turn out to be crazy dumb like Mugdha; A life with only regrets. He quickly jumps up and hugs Mugdha gratefully and with all loving respect. He heads towards his car and Mugdha sees the car moving away into a blind spot. Karthik who was seeing this all in ambush comes inside once the boss leaves and thanks Mugdha for the drama she played to elongate time, but Mugdha seems lost in the hug and the change of behavior of the boss.

Karthik tells Mugdha that he doesn’t delete the file instead edited citing he is excellent at work and if it reaches the HQ he will get a hike and a change of location to a good city that is too out of the reach of his current boss.

The boss who reached mid-way to his home calls his wife and apologises to her for not reciprocating the love properly, and tells her to be ready so that they leave for a tour ASAP and cuts the call with joy. After cutting the call he takes his laptop and searches Karthik’s employee result, without knowing the result got edited he deletes that file, to show he became a changed man and whispers himself “What a day”.

Karthik is dreaming about the new city without knowing the file got deleted, Mugdha about the strange hug. The coffees are too cold now.

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I am an aspiring filmmaker, specialized in writing and editing . I am currently actively looking for opportunities and myself being a writer I believe my words can create a possible impact to the world. And I am totally excited for the journey ahead.


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