The Spell I Put on You

The waters created symphonies with the horizon.

The eventide knocked on the door that sheathed the poison.

My soul danced all alone to the rhythm of death.

An old friend I embraced, the one who let me go for a breath.

The anticipation of my unrequited love soared higher than the dark clouds.

Your beauty enkindled an ache so fathomless; my eyes probed the crowds.

A glimpse of you divulged, the story of ours wasn’t close to the decay.

The spell I put on you did not go astray.

The epiphanies emanate upon the light that shone on me.

The darkest of the night arrived and answered my plea.

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Hello, I am Pratha Sachdeva.

Wordplay is an escape for me; I write to create a world for myself and for the people who think escapism isn’t so bad after all. Inspired by my favorite poets Emily Dickinson and Edgar Allan Poe, I try to explore the themes of struggles with self, death, love, nature, and the links between them all in my poetry and proses.

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