Handling Stress

Handling or managing stress is all about taking charge of your actions, thoughts, emotions, basically it’s all about how you deal with problems. We should aim to achieve a “work life balance” that means having sufficient time for work, family, friends and also taking out time for yourself. All these things helps to manage stress effectively and efficiently.
Mental stress is more toxic than any other sickness, it kills a person from within. Achieving mental peace is a challenging task in today’s world. We should be more open and comfortable to talk about our mental health, it’s OK to consult a therapist or a psychologist. We should stop overthinking for every situation in our life. We should not let our worries control us or let our stress break us.
It’s not the stress that kills us, it’s our reaction to it.
We study to learn not to kill ourselves with stress. We should try to be around people who bring the ‘best’ in us and not the ‘stress’ in us.
We all have a unique response to stress, so there cannot be a single solution for managing it. Although there are some ways to come out of extreme stress –
We should try to be expressive about our feelings
Meditation can be helpful to reduce stress
Regular workout can reduce stress considerably
Avoid procrastinating to avoid deadline problems
Many times we stress about things that do not even exists or there is a possibility that sometime in the future that the problem may arise. Stress is like a drug, overdosing will kill us eventually.
We should stop focusing on how stressed we are and should focus on how blessed we are. We should , let go of ‘what was’ accept ‘what is’ and have faith in ‘what will be’.

“A diamond is a piece of charcoal that handled stress very well”

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Granth Goyal is currently pursuing Chartered Accountancy and my Bachelors Degree.

“I am very fond of writing, I see it as a way to express myself and a way to escape from all the stress of studies. I had also been published in the Students Journal of ‘The Institute Of Chartered Accountants Of India’.”

Email- granthgoyal@gmail.com

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