Jack of All Trades

When it comes to fully mastering any skill, the general time required is 10,000 hours which is equivalent to about 417 days per skill, which is physically impossible. So in my view, being a master in one skill is a myth.

John Milton was the last man to know everything and he passed away in 1674, and since then no person has been able to match his brain power. And the second thing that should be noted is that IQ doesn’t mean knowing everything. Having a good IQ means having specialization in a certain area of study. Several times people feel a lot of guilt and confusion about why their brain does not stick to one thing, but they need to look into the statistics and stop feeling guilty about that.

One should ask three questions to oneself: Do you want to know everything ? Do you want to compete with Milton for his memory ? And why the hell would you want to know everything? Knowing everything will require a lot of time and life is fleeting. Then why chase knowledge? The answer to this in my view is, life is short, you only live once. Why do you want to end up old, grey and dissatisfied?

If you want to reach the end of your existence with no regrets or lingering curiosity then that alone should be enough to motivate oneself. “Do not put all of your eggs in one basket”, is a famous saying and it undoubtedly applies to real life. It is dangerous to your livelihood and self confidence to only have specialized knowledge in one area.

Career wise specialists make a lot of money to know a very specific narrow field but you are not doing it just for a career, you want to acquire a wide variety of skills to be well-rounded. Obviously there are limits, if you absolutely have no talent for music and have given a solid stab at learning with no resulting success then music might not be a valid choice for you. You must be able to recognize your capabilities in various fields.

The key is to find “Jack of all trades, and master of some”.

Keep an eye on your life, do not put all your eggs in one basket but also learn which baskets aren’t worth your time in the first place.

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