Life is a learning process… 

During our entire life we all keep learning from others. We learn from our society,the people around us , nature and from our own experiences too. This learning process begins as early as life begins. Yes, it begins even before our birth – in the womb of our mother. This may sound strange to the younger generation but it’s a fact that a baby in the womb can feel and listen to his/her mother and even the surroundings. So it becomes a big responsibility of a mother to oversee what she feeds her baby. Feeding is not just the food. It’s the thoughts, the senses, the feelings, all together that create a baby’s environment in which he/she grows. So the way a mother thinks, talks, feels, behaves, reads, automatically gets transmitted to the baby inside. It builds an environment for the baby which he/she adopts for the entire life. This is how the learning process starts from within. The overall personality of a mother is thus inherited by the baby and becomes his/her own personality. 

A child is born with those inherent qualities that he/she learnt from the mother inside. Later he comes in contact with the outer world. The world where he finds all kinds of people around him who keep telling him about right and wrong, about what to do and what not to do, how to behave and a lot more. So the learning keeps going on. Then comes a time when the child is grown up. Now he/she is able to distinguish between right and wrong, to make a decision, to move ahead on his/her own. Is this the end of learning? The answer is NO. Learning never ends. It continues till the end of life. The decisions we take may not be fruitful for us. The choices we make may not be right. The reason is that we have taken the steps depending on the knowledge we are given from our parents, society, teachers and friends. 

Here starts the most important phase of learning i.e. self learning. Self learning is the learning from our own experiences. When we can analyze our decisions, realize our mistakes and improve by putting effort. But this varies from person to person depending upon their satisfaction and curiosity level. The easier we get satisfied with our performance the chances of learning or curiosity to learn something new decrease. Because the one who is thirsty will go in search of water. The more the thirst, the more we learn. Our life goes on in the same way. It’s completely our choice how many colors we want to add to it. Colors of knowledge and experiences. Each and every act of ours gives us a new experience either good or bad. It’s our choice to continue in the same way or keep growing throughout our life. 

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Hello friends. I am Pragya Chakrapani. I have worked as a teacher and now I am a homemaker. I am a passionate writer. I believe that each and every emotion needs to be expressed. I always get inspired with the beauty of words and rhymes I have joined this platform to express myself more confidently and consistently.

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Email- pragyachakrapani@gmail.com

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