A Conscious Decision

A future devoid of energy appears to be a frightening prospect.
So, why not look for energy-saving opportunities?

With resources in dire straits,
It’s as if we’re on our way through a maze.

One conscious decision to save energy,
A beneficial synergy.

Small habits to cultivate, as well as a few life hacks.
Leading to a fruitful existential track.

Walking along the streets, accompanied by nature does lead to an healthy life.
So, why drive when the place is just few minutes away?

It’s daytime; why use artificial lights,
When the sun is shining so bright.

Why misuse,
When tic-tacking the switch once used won’t be an issue.

Using those smart power strips,
You are ready to do those light and money saving flips.

You need to be aware,
So, that you have no consequences to bear.

It’s up to us to make a difference,
To see the disparity.

Energy conservation and sustainability,
Is our responsibility.

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Just another cliched small-town girl on a magical quest to achieve my dreams. Fashion stylist and Designer by profession. Introvert!? * Low-key, I guess! (“Want to know about my secrets,” ask Mr. Moon) Creative, inquisitive soul. A cage smasher, a seeker for new adventures. Diver?! For details. Writing ignites a flame in me; it tickles my bones, liberates me, challenges my bounds, annihilates me, provokes me, piques my interest, heals me, and makes me feel accomplished. I work with emotions, catching every nuance of the moment and infusing it with new vitality.

Instagram- https://instagram.com/shweta_ranjane/

Email- shwetavijayranjane@gmail.com

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