What Made Your Arms So Sound?

What made your arms so sound?
Tears dripping from my eyes,
But, to you it seemed like lies.
I wanted to scream so loud,
But I am afraid to be found.

My heart is bleeding from sin,
From the untold that will ever be seen.
It worsens my soul, that I trusted my kin,
Piercing my heart in silence as it seems.

Is it a nightmare,
Am I falling from a tree?
Is anybody there,
Who can set me free?

All those events that left me scarred.
Failed to shot me down, I’ve come so far.

Why did you wrestle with him in order to release me?
How did you fred me from the nightmare that seized me?
As I felt your heart, obliviously, I felt peace!
I saw all those wounds that you have stitched.

Silly me!
To think my pain is everything.
Seeing you like this, I wish to feel your pain.
Shield you and lessen what caused you pain.
Stitches made me understand everything.

Now I know why you held my frozen hand.
As day says goodbye,
Dusk brings the star-filled sky.
As the moon hides behind cloud,
We submerged in each other’s arms, so sound.

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I am Shashwati Khatai, completed my M.A. in English language and literature in 2020 from Khallikote University, Berhampur

Instagram- https://instagram.com/shashwati_khatai/


Email- shashwati.megha.1993@gmail.com

Editors: Mrinali

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