What is this feeling? This hope? This relief? Is it called faith? 

Who do we have faith in? 

“God” some might say, “People” others will.

The human mind is bound to believe that it has something to do with one’s belief or faith. So we all can agree that “Spirituality” has something to do with these spiritual beings, these spirits, or to be precise, one’s own spirit.

There can’t be one definition of Spirituality, and that’s for sure. Does it have a direct connection with one’s belief? Not necessarily. Can it be connected to one’s faith in some way? Of course. Can non-believers experience this feeling? Can they experience spirituality? Yes, definitely.

So apparently, the “spirit” in Spirituality might not have something to do with The Holy Spirit. 

In older times, people used to connect faith and spirituality with religion (some still do), but the modern definition of Spirituality might differ from that of ancient times. 

We fail to understand the exact meaning of it; we can’t know what it is and how it takes its place in our mind. But what we do know is that, no matter what the source is, no matter what the stimuli are, Spirituality does help calm one’s mind down. It spreads warmth all around the person, both in the literal and metaphorical sense. It puts the mind at ease and calms one down both physically and mentally.

 It warms up one’s spirit.

Sounds great, doesn’t it? But how can one experience this feeling? There’s no step by step procedure to it, there’s no guide that can be followed. 

Visiting a worshiping place might calm one’s heart; it might help someone feel the feeling of Spirituality. Similarly, visiting a favorite place per se, a library might do the same.

It’s all about what and where your heart finds its place, where your heart settles once and for all, and what is it that it calls home.

Now, to what extent does spirituality help one’s mind? Is it like therapy? It won’t work as a medicine for all of the diseases, but it might work as a painkiller. It might help one to get rid of anxiety and indecisiveness.

It won’t necessarily make someone healthy in the physical sense but, it can surely take care of one’s mental state i.e. mental health.

It’s pretty apparent how mental health has been affected in recent times, how people had to deal with things they’ve never experienced before, and how everyone was cut from having social contact.

Staying at home with too much time in one’s hands might seem depressing to people but on the brighter side, this may work as rehab for some. Slowing down in life and focusing on oneself leads to self-introspection and works as a reality check for some. Hence, the feeling of Spirituality seems almost tangible.

How healthy does it make someone? The answer to that isn’t available in figures, but surely it does help one’s mental state and takes care of one’s mental health. It can be said that Spirituality and Health go hand in hand, the connection might not be apparent enough to the naked eye but it does exist.

Now it’s probably clear that spirituality doesn’t need to be in direct relation with one’s religion, and thus, it can be seen as a way of finding one’s path; finding where one belongs. Being lost in life, in one’s faith, is a natural phenomenon. Those who are lost, aren’t looking for a way back home, but looking for a way that takes them to a place that they can call home.

For some, it’s about finding where they belong i.e. what their faith is. For others, it’s about finding who they are, and either way, it’s about seeking answers to these worldly problems. Seeking medicine for one’s injured heart and slowly recovering from the traumas and waiting for the wounds to heal rather than finding a band-aid solution and covering it all up. 

A human being goes on a lot of journeys during the tour of life, but the journey to one’s healthier self, i.e. the healing journey can’t be covered through a vehicle. This journey is to be done on foot; the distance must be covered while walking and the changes must be felt. The path must be treaded on with full consciousness.

Where shall one find this path? What is it called? The answer to this depends on one’s situation.  

But one shall find it where the gap is vast.

 Where the spirits are made of light, And the rivers are from the past. 

Where, the mortal cage contains the immortal heart. And forever it may last.

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Hey there! I’m Murtaza. I’m a reader who loves to write stuff he wants to read…If that makes sense. Apart from reading and writing, I also love painting, so you can say I’m a sucker for all sorts of art forms -Including myself ;). When I’m not reading, writing or painting, I’m overthinking. But something which I excel at, is being confused.

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