Journey to a New Year

Often the beginning of a year marks a new hope in people. Festivities end and new resolutions are made. But, in the case of Roohi, the new year began with troubles far too great for a person of her age could imagine. Winters were rough in her city and her aunt was severely sick due to a rare genetic disease and catching the “virus” from the pandemic that was going on.

Roohi’s world was small. She knew very little of the outside world, mainly because she lived like a recluse for many years – having a small number of friends but also not able to connect with her peers.

Roohi now had to help out her aunt due to obligations, because being in her prime youth she was expected to be there to do the hard work and save her aunt. It was very difficult for her. She lived in a world of gaming where one could just heal up by using a health pack or looting an eliminated player. In reality, she was as good as a vase without a flower, the struggles were real as dealing with that cold environment. Dealing with the cold-hearted people in the healthcare system was taking a toll on her health as well.

In the end, her aunt could not be saved, and Roohi was left sad and guilt-ridden.
Still confused, Roohi thought, “Why the world is so crude and bad”.

She cried every night because the face of reality was disfigured and she could not accept it.
Days passed, and an old friend of hers came back in the city and was annoyingly adamant that both of them should play cricket in the local park.

Roohi was reluctant because she didn’t trust him, or anybody, but she was also a pushover so she agreed. They started playing cricket just the two of them no one even tried to join them because the park was abandoned.

Some days passed, Roohi and her friend connected more and now he convinced her to start going to eat food outside she resisted but soon gave in and enjoyed the food. This went on for several months.

It was October now. They now played many games. Even card games. But her life could not accept stasis and then the park cricket had a new member. A new guy named Roshan. He was atrociously beautiful and he directly approached Roohi to play a game of volleyball. She was nervous and excited for the first time in years she was emotional that the game screen was without hues and life had plenty of new colors for her.

Roohi imagined romance in her life for the first time, but also feared meeting new people, so she remained suspicious. Meanwhile, her friend liked Roshan more and tried to create a divide among them.

Roohi now was more confused about what was more important, an old friendship or a new beginning of desires? But in the end, fear took over her mind and she rejected the advances of Roshan. When he asked for her number, her anxious mind told her what would happen if she fell in love. Would it turn out to be bad like life itself? Would there be an inevitable breakup? Will her friend forgive her because he also liked Roshan?

So Roohi rudely declined and stormed off the park. This was her first time that someone asked for her number as a romantic interest.

Roohi was again a recluse gamer now. She avoided the friend and thought of all the possibilities of how things could have gone she had regret all over her mind.

But this time something changed. October was near and the cold was approaching, she decided to venture out again because the walls and ceiling of the house were making her restless. She read the newspaper and there was an advert for a book club so she joined immediately. This small act of courage made her venture out and make new friends.

She did not become rich or famous, but as the year was ending she realized that life is to be lived not perfectly, but by embracing the winds of change, venturing out, and exploring the possibilities. However imperfect she might be or how tough the environment be she is enough and a struggler who will get through these times. The new year can come and go but her journey will continue.

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Hello! I am Ruchir Prajapati. I write stuff and philosophise.



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