There is a place where my mind and my heart collide.

Betwixt the trembling nuances of laughter and disguise,

This place is a paper.

The ground where my thoughts rest.

Elements powered by gravitational forces are what birthed it.

Like waves punching through insanity, I hear-

Eulogies of dead dreams dying to dawn.

Hands almost sounding like it is cuffed,

Frantic for freedom to write verses like the silent river- never stopping.

Maybe that’s why your thoughts-

Hovering around the misty pathway

Between your heart and the mind,

Gravitated towards this perennial sanctuary.

And all you see is just a blank paper?

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Hi. I am Achet Longchari, a literature student from the University of Delhi. I write to communicate the throbbing songs of creation by adhering to the ‘Observe and Write’ principle. A lover of Jesus, an admirer of Wordsworth, and a friend of imagination. Poetry is my testimony.



Editors: Mrinali

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