“A scale that measures distance in relationships.

A bug that consumes human beings.”

All human beings experience the feeling of loneliness every now and then. Sometimes, people feel alone when they are away from others, at times among crowds. It is believed that being aloof from others is toxic as well as healthy.

It is the comfort zone that guides us to choose between “people” and “not people”. Past experiences play a pivotal role in building personalities and self-concept.

In life, at a certain point of time people take a break, sit down or pause, and think about how recent experiences have impacted their lives. They revisit them and that changes their thinking pattern.

People they love, hate, strangers they meet halfway in their life, certain people that die affects them as much as feeling lonely. The emptiness surrounds them which arise from disappointments, unfulfilled expectations, or voids created by malfunctioned relationships.

Loneliness is a web, but beings form a mind map of all the happenings (good or bad) and derive links which force them to conclude their life points to separation.

“Loneliness is the ditch between life and death.”

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I’m Deepti. I’m an avid reader of classics and exhibit an interest in philosophy. I’m motivated by my love for learning and desire of writing.

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Editors: Namita

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