A Last Message

Sometimes, looking out of the window,
I think of what could have been.

You ask me why I always say why I add the word “depends” on every opinion and choice I make.

You are not aware of how one feels when the centre shifts,
And world doesn’t revolve around you anymore.

You’re still a kid, you don’t know,
How everything major that happens has a lot of smaller,
Seemingly less significant, factors behind it.

And you won’t even notice when suddenly, unconsciously, you make or destroy your own life,
But that too is not forever.

Nothing is for forever,
I know that more than more than (I hope) you ever will.

If this is my last message to you,
I hope you will listen.
For once, try to understand me.

Though I try my best to act otherwise,
I’m insecure about everything.
Scared of everything.

Not physically, but mentally.

I’m scared I’ll never win – don’t let that stop me from trying my best.

I’m scared I’ll hurt you – I just hold you more carefully.

I’m scared I’ll hurt you with my words – I keep my quite.

I’m sorry I’m not as cool, amazing, powerful, intelligent, or fast as you think.

I’m sorry I’m never good enough, but I try.

Trust me.

Hope you never give up on me,
I will need someone to stand by me after I give up on myself.

Don’t know how long I will hold myself together anymore.
But I hope that when I’m about to shatter,
You’ll be there to hold me pieces together.

Cause I’m going to do that soon.

Don’t ask me how I know.
I don’t know how,
I just know that somehow.

Just know, I’ll never holds it against you.
If you can’t extend a hand to me,
You have a life yourself.

Just do the favour to keep some space for my memories in it.

Keep just the few in which I was strong enough to look happy,
The ones that make you smile when you remember me.
You know how I hate to be seen weak.

And never make mistakes I made,
It will save you a lifetime of sorrow and hurt.

But if you can, gather my trail’s pieces.

They’ll always be waiting for you.


If ever.

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Mili is pen name of Ankita Maurya. She has a bachelor’s degree in psychology and economics and is currently pursuing her master’s. She is one of those obnoxious people who prefer to be behind the camera than in front of it.

Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/artme.craftyou/

Youtube- https://youtube.com/channel/UCm3hgqLlG_0VoetD_iR2dMQ

Email- artmecraftyou@gmail.com

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