The True Meaning Of Light

I have never seen the ocean.
But, I have seen the sky.

The infinite sky represents,
The unfathomable ocean.
And the bottomless ocean reflects,
The beginningless sky.

The deeper we go into an ocean,
And rise high in the sky,
More darkness arise,
The deeper we go into ourselves.
More darkness we invite.

Only this darkness can teach us,
The true meaning of light.

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Hi! I’m Saloni Bajaj. I’m a philosopher who loves to wander in the world of ideas and insights. I try to find meaning of things around and inside me I believe that there’s always a purpose behind everything. Every action, intention and passion has a purpose. For a writer, the purpose is to spread information, knowledge, wisdom, experience and positivity. Being a writer, it becomes a responsibility to spread awareness about crucial things that make life complete. Writing is a gift bestowed to a person with a purpose. I realised this gift at an early age and a few years ago realised the purpose of this gift. There’s a deep desire in me to bring a positive and essential change in the world through my writing. My heart sings when I am in the natural environment, say under the night sky or while watching the sunset with the breeze passing by me. I love watching bats coming from afar (I know it’s weird, but it’s really soothing). I am working on becoming a better version of me by practicing mindfulness.

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