I Am Not Okay

I am not okay, you are not okay.
And that is okay.
One doesn’t have to be fine all the time,
It’s not humanly possible,
To be happy every single moment.
We are humans.
We have actual feelings.
Trying to portray a strong exterior while internally collapsing will do you no good.

You pretend to be sorted,
Pretend to not have any worries,
Pretend to not be tensed about anything,
You’re actually worsening your,
own mental health in doing so.
And what exactly do you achieve from this?
Are you doing this to make people around you think you’re cool?
You might convince others ,
But, how can you convince yourself?
How can you live and stand by,
A lie throughout your life?
This will ultimately ruin your mental stability,
When you’re not okay, say you’re not okay.
Speak to someone rather than,
convincing others that you’re fine.
Cry if you want to,
Scream if the pain is suffocating you,
And don’t ever think you’re alone,
We are all with you,
All of us have been through,
what you are currently going through.

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Hi! I am Roopa Radhakrishnan. I am a final year BA student, an aspiring writer and an hopeless optimist.

Email – rooparadhakrishnan53445@gmail.com

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/roopa_radhakrishnan_

Editors: Mrinali

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