Best Friends?

“Best friends.”


“Best friends!”


“This is not necessary, we all know they are a couple disguised as best friends.”

“Exactly, and by the way ek ladka or ek ladki kabhi sirf dost nahi ho sakte.”

Everybody cheered and were excited for Riya and Kapil’s love story. They called themselves ‘childhood best friends’, but nobody believed them, since they were always cute and flirty with each other. They attract each other like a magnet, but repel when someone points out their obvious flirtation.

Today was nothing different. Everyone was gathered in the college canteen and the topic was about them. The discussion continued, and so did their denials. Finally, it was time to go home and the group dispersed. But Riya and Kapil decided to stay a little longer to complete their assignments. 

“Let’s go home by 5, or maybe earlier before the rain starts,” Riya said, simultaneously looking at her watch and Kapil. He hummed in response. Time went by quickly and Kapil was almost done with his papers. His gaze fell on Riya. 

“Should I tell her or not?” He thought while still staring at her. “I like her, but why am I so afraid to tell her? She’ll say yes or no. If yes then I’ll be happy, if not then… no…” He sighed, lost in thought, which made Riya look at him. 

“What?” They both said at the same time. A second passed and they both kept staring at each other. A slow chilly breeze was waving, making Riya’s hair dance gently. Suddenly, a few drops of rain passed through the window and fell on them. 

“The books are getting wet,” They got distracted by the school peon, “And it’s already 5, go home I’ve to clean this.” 

They collected their items, rushing out of the college. Kapil kicked start his bike, while Riya adjusted the dupatta on her hair, sitting behind. 

They were on their way to Riya’s house. A moment of silence passed before Kapil said, 

“Riya. I want to say something!” 

“Not now, focus on driving,” Riya replied, making him look forward. 

“Was I staring a little too much?” Riya thought, “Should I tell him? But what if he’s not serious, what if he makes a ruckus out of it?”

All these thoughts juggled in Riya’s head. Unbeknownst to her, Kapil was thinking the same too. They both liked each other. Even their friends and families teased them about it. But what was stopping them from taking the relationship further?

They reached Riya’s house. He waved her a goodbye and was about to go when-

“Ayy tell, what did you want to say?” Riya stopped him while adjusting her dupatta. 

“Uhmmm… “

“Even I wanted to say something!” Riya exclaimed.

They both waited for the other to start speaking, but neither had the guts. Both suspected, but neither knew for sure. 

“You should leave, I guess.” Riya broke the silence. 

“Yeah.” Kapil murmured back to her. 

They waved each other goodbye, parting ways and not looking back. 

“Let’s just be friends.” They thought together, lips stretching into a sad smile. 

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Hello, my name is Sakshi Kulkarni

A young human (writer)trying to see the world in a different way. I’m an introvert and I like to explore various topics online. And I like to work alone rather than in group. Thank you!



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