My Truth

If I read through a good book,
Will I find you?
Or is it the other way round,
To know which route holds the truth?

They’d make a checklist for me,
To seek you with ease.
But tell me something,
Is this how I should know,
Whether it is you who mirrors my soul?

Why can’t anyone see what’s real?
Even before the day I am asked to lift my veil.

They’re not the cops,
We’re not the thieves,
For they don’t get to police around us,
Of what we wear upon us as our individual beliefs.

They’re not the cops,
And I don’t mean to break any rules.
But they’ve barricaded our thoughts,
So maybe it’s time to break one of them or two.

While this seems like a long-drawn battle,
To stay true to who I am.
I won’t choose to easily settle,
Just so someone could hold my war-torn hand.

And if by all means,
They call me out for breaking their rules,
Then may be this was the way around,
To know which route holds the truth.

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Hello, My name is Sowmya Krishna Kumar.

I work as an advanced analyst at my day job and then post I that switch roles to writer/poet. I found my passion for writing in 2016 and there’s been no looking back since then, having amassed over 300 poems/creative write-ups in my 5-stack used up journals/diaries. My dream is to work and grow in the publishing world. To walk closer to this dream, I undertook a certified experiential course in Editing and Publishing conducted by ‘Bound India (one of the budding publishing houses in India). My aim through my writing is to heal the world through the sheer power of words.



Editors: Mrinali

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