I know I kept my rawness unkempt,
You stroke me with the right nudge,
I wouldn’t say I appreciate it,
I definitely don’t regret it.

You’ve seen my scars,
Poking out just for you,
As my onset brown eyes Swift wisely towards you,
You couldn’t see it,
Because I wouldn’t show it,
Not the way you expect it.

I know I’m being difficult,
That doesn’t render me typical,
I’ve grown tired of my hiding,
With you by, I want to unfold it in pieces.

I wouldn’t hang onto hope,
Not if it means I would see,
I don’t want to angle it the way you do,
Not yet.

I’m sure I’m willing,
But never truly trying,
You want me to do the right things,
Only it doesn’t seem too keen on pursuing me.

I wouldn’t dream of perfectness
You make up for us both,
It’s not the right I carve
It’s the carelessness I pray.

You try to correct my sickness,
Though I scramble with uneasiness,
Ofcourse, you would accept it,
Maybe without prying eyes I hope,
Not with the world you dope.

I know I’m falling,
You catch me with your fingertips,
As I struggle to shove my hand,
You couldn’t see it,
Not that I blame you,
Not as my darkness begins to blind you.

I couldn’t watch too,
As it graces your hand before leaving,
The crack and whoosh has got me realizing,
The leash you put around me.

I let myself free fall,
The danger of breaking doesn’t engulf me,
Not when I could breathe,
If only for a few moments.

I know I should be grateful,
For the leash that kept me from falling,
It’s hard to understand,
When I should fear the break,
Only to find it as a beautiful wreck.

I’m still a work of art,
Content on playing by the rules,
Even it snuffed air from my lungs.

I couldn’t bring myself to feel,
Long enough to utter a thank you.
I know I should,
I run across the field,
To catch hold of my past,
You regard me with distaste,
With a wicked grin on play.

You make soft promises and sweet kisses,
I could feel myself falling,
Not the free falling I felt,
But with the spikes underneath.

I knew then,
But I wasn’t brave enough,
I ran again with a heavy heart,
My limbs feel drowsy,
Breath came as gasps.

I could feel the light that lit up,
That made my eyes adjust,
The darkness squirm,
I could finally see,
Not through the eyes of a male,
One of my own.

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I am a happy combination of a reader, amateur writer, music and coffee lover. I am Sandhya lives in Hosur, Tamil Nadu. When she is not seen to work writing, she expend her time reading most likely to be a fantasy and thriller, watching series and sometimes tries hard to write random things, short stories, her curiosity and constant imagination had got her to discover the love for words. She has a thing for learning and loves to explore the world she is unaware of.

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