Abducted by the Night Sky

Abducted by the night sky,
This traffic in the clouds, could we just pass by?
Filled with stars and whispers,
Wonder if it’s the cold or the wicked lies.
We pace back and forth with these silent wind tides,
Is it our boat above these night city lights?
It’s all so mellow and close,
I think we might be losing our minds,
This silence is our bliss and nightmare,
Because we both never took sides.
You gave me the happiness my silence defines.
I’m silent but it’s so loud sometimes,
I’m nothing in those muffled smiles.
Only a prey to fake skins when my hands get tied,
Just to be left with ropes and stop signs.
While the masked devil leaves me behind,
You carry me away from those cold house lights,
Sail me to infinity and warm sights.
If I fall down, I’ll be just fine.
Because for the first time,
I’m grateful, you’re not mine.

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Mishthi Shukla is a 15 years old Student.

“I write poems to escape the world, I dream to heal people.”

Email- mishthishukla8@gmail.com

Editors: Mrinali

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