The First Love

Sona was in class twelve when she felt her heart beating for someone for the first time. It was the time of the Board exams. She was sitting in an examination room. On the other row there were students from some other school. 

While she was busy filling in her answer sheet, the examiner came to her and started checking her desk. He found nothing.

Suddenly, she saw a boy sitting in another row, looking back at her with a smile. She looked down and started solving her paper. Coincidentally, whenever she looked up to think, the boy also looked at her and smiled. This happened about three or four times. She found it very charming. The next day, he again saw her with a lovely smile. Sona was a bit shy. She began to like the attention she got from him. The boy also used to talk to other girls. He used to ask them answers and often cracked jokes too. That sometimes made her jealous. She started talking to him, asked his name. “Jiyaaz”, he replied with a smile. They both started liking each other. He used to accompany her to the bus stop after the exam. 

Sona was very happy. Her fear of exams had turned into some of the most beautiful days of her life. Yes, she started falling for him. This was the first time she felt romantic love, and she was aware of nothing but him. Jiyaaz was also very attracted to her. He, too, expressed his feelings for her. He used to touch her hand with his fingers while walking and Sona’s heart used to start beating faster. They both were enjoying their small moments. Those days were brighter, the wind was mesmerizing, beauty was spreading its wings everywhere. This is what we call first love. 

It was the last exam. Sona and Jiyaaz came out of the room holding hands after the exam as they used to. At a distance, she saw her father waiting for her at the gate. Her father wanted to give her a surprise, so he had come to pick her, as it was her last exam. Sona got scared. She dropped Jiyaaz’s hand and hurriedly moved towards her father. She had just realised that he was Muslim and her father would never accept that. She didn’t utter a single word, just sat with her father. She didn’t even look back once. She simply closed the chapter. 

After two years, Sona was standing with her friends outside the college. Suddenly she noticed a boy sitting on a bike, looking at her with a smile. Oh! It was the same smile. Yes, it was Jiyaaz. He looked even more handsome. Sona couldn’t understand what to do. Jiyaaz’s eyes were full of love as always. Sona looked into his eyes and then closed her eyes and turned away. After a few minutes she peeked at where he was standing, but he had gone. Sona got a little disturbed, she looked for him all around, but he was nowhere to be seen. She realised how gentle he was. 

Jiyaaz had simply moved on without saying a single word, but his eyes said it all. Sona had her last memory of her first love. His smiling face, loving eyes and vulnerable look printed itself on her heart. None could erase that image of Jiyaaz even after years. Now she is married with kids. But even today, when she closes her eyes and wants to feel love, his face appears. And she still wonders if Jiyaaz also felt the same for her. 

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Hello friends. I am Pragya Chakrapani. I have worked as a teacher and now I am a homemaker. I am a passionate writer. I believe that each and every emotion needs to be expressed. I always get inspired with the beauty of words and rhymes I have joined this platform to express myself more confidently and consistently.



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