Beautiful Butterfly And the Autumn Leaves

Fall has taken over the sky,
And I met a fallen butterfly.
Stayed with me overnight,
Broken wings, but you still fight.

Among those autumn leaves,
You look breathtaking and heart breaking.
Your sight is so earthy with the flow of fall.

The moon light reflects on your wings,
That makes thy soul outshine everything.
You stayed by my side,
Like it has been forever.

Does forever exist?
Fall has made me fall for you.

But the next dawn you fell down,
Like dew makes the autumn leaves fell down.
You stopped flying high with fall,
You stepped away from me, my love.

You are still the mesmerising scene,
You are here very still.
Still are you wings,
But make my heart flutter.

Still, it makes me feel alone,
Alone among the beauty of your glory
That sound like midnight story,
Exceeded the shine of a celestial body.

Fly away with those autumn leaves,
Take my heart along with your breeze.
To the farthest corner of the sea,
Scent of fall, the camellia.

Fly high under the sky,
To my beautiful butterfly.
Where she lies under these autumn leaves,
Underneath with our memories.

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I am Shashwati Khatai, completed my M.A. in English language and literature in 2020 from Khallikote University, Berhampur




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