The Cage Unseen

I seldom touch the sky,
Only to be hemmed in the four walls.
Is it the rapacious hands pulling me down?
Or the wariness overpowering me?
I see blazing lights flickering at me,
Blaring to escape.
The unspoken words they left behind,
Pierced, it flew on me.
Scarred, it grew on me.
The past haunts you, they said.
Let slip, they said.

The fine threads of prowess:
I stumbled, I tumbled.
Yearning to narrate a story,
With the quaint words I am.

Four walls I see,
My future is condemned.
Four walls I see,
My hopes are tied.
The desire to be free;
Seems like a wildfire on the spread.
Is it time to let go?
Is it time to let loose?

The scars I made trenchant;
Sharp it was.
I see the chains broken;
I see myself manumitted.

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Hello! I’m Ashwini Balu, an architect by profession, but a hopeless romantic, artist and writer by passion. You can call me an ambivert, but the feelings reciprocate. Having a wide heart for travel, my best interest lies in creating memories with people. A sucker for being vocal and watering down my thoughts, I try to create a better world!



Editors: Mrinali

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