B.tech Stories by Maan #7

Birthdays are all good and fine. Jolly day with everyone enjoying themselves at your party except “YOU”. Cause you know what you survived during the day was next to impossible especially when you live in boys’ hostel. Here’s the episode for my inexperienced audience to experience what a true k@mina friend circle can do and also what can make you take bath for 4 times in a day.

It all started few hours before midnight. My friends snuck in my hostel before gate closing. It was all fun and good at first. But when the crowd started to gather, I knew that I’m done for it. Just a few moments before the mayhem I stuffed my T-shirt with all the pillows I could get my hands on and at midnight it was all a roller-coaster with pretty hard bumps I want to tell you it hit REAL HARD. With fists and kick coming from all directions few more joined in to get their hand on me. All the ups and downs I got there were like reading stock charts. This happened for a while till they realised that removing my pillows would make their efforts more efficient. At that moment I begged for mercy but it was all in vein and you can guess what happened next.

Boiisss planned to play Holi but had no colours… so guess what they decided to play with? They got me all wet (by water, not what you think😂) and there comes the colours in form of soup powders, noodles, talc and what not. And let me again remind you that it all happened at midnight. With my body all drenched in the mixture of something unexplainable and with alien smell it wasn’t the time though the demand of the situation I head to take a bath. The glare I got back then I felt like alien myself.

Morning came and so came the sleep. I was awake all night and to keep myself safe from another attack but little that I knew it my friends had it all planned. Instead, they came in the afternoon when I was all asleep. Suddenly a wave of water and I’m up. Here comes the cake, and I could guess what’s going to happen next and I guess so can you. The birthday song came along ticking like a bomb about to explode. The cake was cut, bites were taken and the rest of the cake was on me and my wall. Dear Warden, if you’re reading this please get my room painted. After everything was quiet and the massacre ended I was again in the same situation and the same bathroom.

Then came the much awaited night, we went out for party had fun time, had great food, and had photo session. But the thing was, it was a decoy. A F*$%ing decoy. And within a few moments I was covered in foam and party strings. The only thing better was that it smelled like bubble gum🙂.

Guess where I was next?

Comment your answers below😂😂

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Maan Veer Maurya is a B.Tech student (AI) in SRM, Chennai

Instagram:- www.instagram.com/maan.v.maurya/ Snapchat:- maan.maurya

Email:- maanveermaurya@gmail.com

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