Time Lapse

The night sky is a dark lover.
Enduring a hoard of harsh winds,
While he awaits his bright morn.
His heartbeat throbs within my feeble heart.
And we feel altogether.
Like spring gushing out after moonlit winters.
It never felt this new.

After this, he smears himself with the scent of dewy air,
Comforted by the silhouettes of tall trees, and warm chimneyed houses.
Sits by the clouds to witness his lover emerge hush-hush!
The mountains must not know of her absence.
How she silently bowed under their refuge even the night before.
Though I am a child,
I wonder!
Where does the big sun really hide?
Under the mountains, or may I say defeated by the tiny moon?

My wonders must end.
The night sky has now met his lover,
It is now summoning birds to sing songs as a welcome gift.
As the sunny lover waltz away to the tune with shy twirls,
Her movements slowly turn into tiny rays.
Peeping into every dark room, making hearts wake from tired sleeps.

No soul could refute the intimacy of the sky and the sun.
In their meeting,
Humans wake.
The ground receives its first rain- the sweat of man’s toil.
Laughter blooms.
And time?
Time could never capture this lapse.

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Hi. I am Achet Longchari, a literature student from the University of Delhi. I write to communicate the throbbing songs of creation by adhering to the ‘Observe and Write’ principle. A lover of Jesus, an admirer of Wordsworth, and a friend of imagination. Poetry is my testimony.

Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/creationsofthe.heart/

Email- odangchetlalong123@gmail.com

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