The Sewage

I used to walk during nights, to get away from the chaos of life. I always walk on grass barefoot or in parks, which are deserted nowadays. Today I thought of walking in another part of my town. Just as I kept on moving I could feel a bad stench of smell seeping into my nose. Oh my, what was that? I thought. Maybe a corpse kind of thoughts was getting into my mind. I slowly walked towards the smell to know what it was, boldly. I was not shocked at all at the sight of what I saw. It’s just mine, yours, and others’ inner ‘civil’ secrets that were floating on water. I felt so ironic at that very moment. Why do we care? We keep excreting, throwing, polluting everything. I stood there staring at the water which was flowing serenely once, and was filled with dirt. Something told me to step into it, because why should I always enjoy nature’s pure abundance. Suddenly, something started pulling my leg from inside the sewage, I tried pulling my feet so hard. I couldn’t believe this was happening. I cried for help like a maniac, none came. It kept on pulling me, half of me was already inside. My end can’t be so dreadful was my only perception, the final perception of my existence. I slowly drowned inside everyone’s dirt, with a final thought that the earth will avenge her destroyers and I am one of them.

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I am Naushin. Completed Masters in Biotechnology and got into the field of science communication. I have been working as an editorial assistant for the past two years. I created a page in Instagram where I communicate about the latest discoveries in a simplified version. My long term goal is to become a scientist and an entrepreneur.

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