B.tech Stories by Maan #8

The first thing I learned in college is that it’s a busy life and even busier if you’ve attended three weeks of the class online, cause our college doesn’t count online classes for attendance even though it gave us the option for it. So I rushed to college and my first impression of Chennai was that “It’s too expensive for me”. Can you believe that a ₹10 golgappa plate if for ₹60 there. So I just kept myself to campus food which wasn’t great either and I guess everyone knows that. So the main difference for me was people, they were totally different from what it was online. The online platform allowed me to get good friends but offline I got a great one. The BOIS are still there, just the difference that The BOIS just expanded. So now there is Bhaggu and Tanmay too. Unfortunately, Tanmay got Rishik as a roommate, which is fun in itself. “OCD, her cheez ki tension, aur na jaane kya kya h use”. We knew about that and booked different rooms for ourselves. But me and Raj were extra careful, we booked a room in a totally different hostel to be on the safer side😂😂😂.

Campus life was like a joyride every day, who knew that the professors from those boring online classes were much more fun than we expected. Even the maths professor jokes around with us, and in a much more relatable way{1/cos(c)}😉. The nightlife was a life in itself cause “laund saare tb hi jaagte the”, the housing was invitation for us to throw some punches on someone cause kisi na kisi bhai ka aaj birthday h aur party to banti h (it’s a bro’s birthday today and a party is given necessity). At midnight, there was “A WAY OUT”. A chance for us to get out the hostel. I tried it once, but after that they closed it. So we just still go out, who’s gonna stop us. Especially, when you have Himansh with you. He’s a total package of masti, kuch na kuch to jugad nikal hi leta hai (He is a package of fun and entertainment, and he finds a way for it). Bechara Chennai aate hi do baar to police station jaa chuka, beach per ghoomne k chakkar me🥲 (Poor thing has been to police station twice since he came to the city, just because he wanted to roam on the beach).

Apart from The BOIS we got The GUYz, always ready to hangout. Shout out to Vibhor for having us at his place, giving up his bed for his “ATITHIs”. During these months a lot of people came and went out of my life but it was all fun to have so many people around after two years of quarantine.Thanks to Harsh, Ashwit and Anshul for taking care of me in hostel(Abhi wapis aa k udhari chuka dunga). Thanks to Siddharth, Aayushi, Sheersh, Clinton, Soumya, Nishtha, had a wonderful time and mujhe padhane k liye. Three months fast forward, we’re still giving papers online😂😂😂.

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Maan Veer Maurya is a B.Tech student (AI) in SRM, Chennai

Instagram:- www.instagram.com/maan.v.maurya/ Snapchat:- maan.maurya

Email:- maanveermaurya@gmail.com

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