Inner Child

I feel the most ‘me’,
When I’m writing Poetry.
It’s like I’m finally able to breathe,
Let alone heave a sigh of relief.

Emotions are not one one to be canned,
Yes, I understand.
But, words are my home-grown coal,
They’re my one true friend,
That when they flow out of my pen,
They glow as if like flames being fanned.

Bright and light,
is what they make my heart feel.
That with time,
As a learned reciprocation,
I’ve begun to let them feel what they want to feel.

There’s no order to what I write,
They keep crossing my mind.
And I let them out as they want to be.
I let them scream, as they want to scream.
I let them feel, as they want to feel.

There’s no order to what I write,
I pick words as I find them.
Maybe this is how I will heal,
Not myself, nor my body.

But the one that forgot to happy…
The one that needed love the most,
Almost 3 decades before.
The one place within,
Where I can trace my trauma’s origins.

Maybe this was the way it was meant to be.
That it will be only Poetry
Who could do it for me?
To carry out that silent search,
towards my destiny.

So what if there’s no order to what I write,
You have no idea, how I am beginning to heal,
Not myself, nor my body that you see.
But, the one that birthed my identity,
long after I came from my mother’s womb.

Long after I came from my mother’s womb,
The one to whom…
I can now look behind,
Not with tears in my eyes,
But with a smile, evidently wide,
My Inner Child.

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Hello, My name is Sowmya Krishna Kumar.

I work as an advanced analyst at my day job and then post I that switch roles to writer/poet. I found my passion for writing in 2016 and there’s been no looking back since then, having amassed over 300 poems/creative write-ups in my 5-stack used up journals/diaries. My dream is to work and grow in the publishing world. To walk closer to this dream, I undertook a certified experiential course in Editing and Publishing conducted by ‘Bound India (one of the budding publishing houses in India). My aim through my writing is to heal the world through the sheer power of words.



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