An Unforgettable Call

Disha saw the same number on her phone and decided to dial it, but some random thought killed her urge to make the call. She got up from the couch and walked in her room. In-between, she kept starting at the same number. She was extremely confused about dialling the same number twice. 

It was her childhood best friend’s number, to whom she spoke almost a decade ago. She wondered what made her best friend, Richa, be away from her. What was she upset about? She literally blocked Disha’s number for the last 10 years, and she did not even try to contact her once. But Disha was highly hurt by her behaviour because she missed her best friend over all these years. And she desperately wanted to patch things up with Richa. 

She finally dialled Richa’s number and waited for her call to be connected. In her nervousness, she was biting her nails while walking all over her room. But despite all her efforts, the phone did not get connected and she could hear the same message, ‘the number you have dialled is currently switched off. She didn’t know what “I don’t know” meant. 

She kept her phone aside and decided to ignore the disturbing thoughts. 

A few days passed, and Disha got a call from an unknown number. 


“Hi, is it Disha?” 

“Yes? Who is this?” 


Disha’s world froze for a moment. She did not understand how to react. She did not utter a word for the next few seconds, but finally, she managed to say, 

“Richa? Are you my Richa from school? ” Disha’s happiness had no limits. She could not believe that Richa was actually calling her. 

“Yes,” Richa said coldly. 

“I don’t believe this. Are you seriously calling me? I thought of you so many times over the past few years. Where were you? Didn’t you miss me at all? What made you call me today? And most importantly, how could you block me? I could not call you….”

“Disha” Richa interrupted her. “Please calm down. I am not able to understand a word of what you said. I know I have not contacted you for a long time. But let me tell you that I also missed you. How could I forget you? You are my best friend. ” 

When Disha heard her calling, “are you my best friend’, tears rolled down her cheeks.

“We are childhood friends, right?” Richa asked. 

“Of course,” Disha said, wiping her tears. 

“Don’t cry. I can still understand from your voice, that you are crying.

Okay, first of all. I am sorry to have blocked you and not have been in touch with you. But I had my own reasons for being away from you. ” Richa said and kept mum for a while. 

“And what are those?” Disha asked. 

“Disha, do you remember Gaurav from our school?”

“Yes. But what about him? ” 

“You knew that I liked him, right?”

“Yeah, but still, what about him?” Disha asked out of curiosity. 

“I liked him so much, I almost loved him. When I was involved with him, I got to know that he likes you. One day, I caught him stalking your Facebook account and I went mad. I decided that I would cut down on contact with you because I was seriously jealous of you. The thought of ‘how can the person I like, love someone else?” That too, my best friend? ‘developed. All this went so out of my control that I could not bear it and I decided that I would never talk to you again. ” Richa said in one breath.

When she did not hear a response from Disha, she continued, “are you listening?” 

“Yes, I am.” Disha was disappointed. 

“I know I crossed every limit of our friendship and I would have understood that he was a jerk and he was not worth it.”

“I don’t believe this. You betrayed our friendship for someone who entered your life some years back. I am not even sure what your current status is with him, and honestly, I am not even interested in that. You forgot the bond that we had. We have been friends since we were kids. We did everything together. We had so much in common. We wore the same coloured clothes in school. We shared toys together. You fought for me with the boys from our class. Where did it all go? You tell me. How could you? ” Disha was really very angry this time, as she could not digest the fact that her best friend did this to her just for a guy.

“And not only that, but you stayed without talking to me for years just because you were jealous of me? I missed you so much. I remember the time we had. You simply blocked me from your life. Did I attempt to call you a few days ago and received this response? “Disha said in disgust. 

“I know and I deserve this. I know I have no right to explain to you things, but hear me out once, please. ” Richa said and continued without giving Disha a chance to speak to her. “So I dated for many years, and one day I saw him stalking your profile and I asked him for an explanation. He said he liked you more than me. I was shocked and I threw him out of my life. I was so ashamed to talk to you that I did not even make an attempt to talk to you. I am genuinely sorry for that, but I had no courage to call you. 

Then I moved to Chandigarh because of my dad’s job, and I stayed there for a long time. And so my number also changed. But I came back to Mumbai and the first thought that came to my mind was “you” and so I got in touch with one of the school friends, who I am sure would have your number, and got your number from her. And here I am calling on you to forgive me. Forgive me for my stupid behaviour. Forgive me for the idiotic mentality that I did not believe you and I loved a stranger. Really sorry! Will you forgive me? Can we do all the crazy things that we did earlier? ” Richa said in an apologetic tone, which she genuinely meant. 

And after the call, Disha and Richa decided to call me after a really long time. Disha was happy with the fact that this call truly changed her positively. 

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