Come Closer

The mood will be on infrared camera visuals, capturing the last man smiling. He is our prime,  waiting 400 miles away in exigency. His blue eyes are half closed and dreaming.  

Oh, my love? 

How is it going to be my love? 

He drums his white feet and mimics guitar on his Louis Vuitton sling.  

This self-jamming is after a morning call. Confessing the thoughts of a bipolar mind.  He calls her as Zombie. As he is in tiptoe, she has been telling about the gamble of the void. She is someone who always chooses the Gucci collection. 

Pumps engine with a mask on. Steer her Bentley playing house music. 

On coming dramatically to her, she adjusts her power glasses and reaches for a handshake.  The ON AIR light popped. 

The radio jockey welcomes the power couple on his night show named, Pillow Talk.  Visuals are switched into night vision.  

A voice over drops saying, Pause!  

Another one in the same voice, I like the new better signal.  

The reply, Raise your guard and bounce.  

As we go back into the radio station. 

He – Her dog loves my cat. We are one life and two lives.  

She – He is antisocial. More of a lazy genius.  

He – Mint chocolate is her favourite.  

She – He likes butterflies! Much into pop culture.  

It is all incredibly loud; people are in astronaut suits. Flashing their machine guns at four  yellow cabs. 

Augh I don’t understand. 

They are waiting for the cabs to transform into one mega robot.  


Okay, I’m zooming out to the couple with joysticks and when I rewind.  

It is a graduation party. He notices the girl in leave me alone look. So, to not make any  disturbance he quietly leans to get the joystick next to her.  

Surprisingly she asks, game?

His goosebumps were felt by her.  

He – This is going to turn into a war. 

She – Call somebody for help.  

He – Sofa? 

She – Smiles.  

The night vision focus is exchanging with them and screen.  

Their eyes were on a chill tragedy. The night falls to 5 AM. 

He – Why don’t you love me? 

She – I hate melodies.  

He – Your wish. 

She – By degrees. 

They never met after. 

But in a couple of months, their social stalking turned into digital dating. Soon their hearts and minds recognized his/her feelings and emotions. 

She calls him up to make her move.  

We need a break. We aren’t friends anymore. I’m worrying about the things that are going to be  alright. I couldn’t miss the cupid zone. I’m seeing you in my mirror trying to make me a  flower of hearts. I feel sold out to you. I’m doodling your name in the lobby. My Instagram is  stuck on you. You’re with me. I’m judging myself for sure. I thought this was nonsense. Trust me, I do understand. It feels alright. But how can you get a complete score?  Just realise, what if you miss making me have a good day.  


Yes Oliver.  

Take route 101. Wishing to have your eyes on me. I’ll wait on the third pit stop. Take me to a  place you want to go. No more words. 

From then we posted our lifestyle on YouTube. People loved watching us relatable to their  romantic expectations. Our intentions were to save our moments together.  

The Radio Jockey gets back with the next question.  

And I’ll tell you tomorrow. It’s time.  

Say the daddy of a little princess. She slept with a goodnight kiss.  

He then returns to his room watching their old videos alone. 

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Hi, my name is Zico Simouli Caarlas. I do freelancing on creative writing and content creation. I spend most of my time thinking about life and other artistic matters of which I have often accused to be thinking unrealistic. Obviously yeah, I’m an introvert who can be found carrying a bag every time. As I believe, my stationery and gadgets can help me create anytime and anyplace.

Email – zicosimouli.carl@gmail.com

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/zico_carl/

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