I hide, 

In the palest of smiles. 

I hide, 

In silences for a while. 

Disappearing between words 

Behind small pieces of paper. 

Somehow I’ve bent my ways 

According to this life’s dirty colors. 

This makes me question 

They make me question 

That in these rushed footsteps,  in these ticking times 

Does one really need a soul? 

Or is a body just fine?

Silence paves a path long enough, 

For losing yourself 

And losing trust. 

What it gains is just as precious but look where it lies,

in Half hearted hellos and selfish goodbyes.

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Mishthi Shukla is a 15 years old Student. 

“I write poems to escape the world, I dream to heal people.”

Email- mishthishukla8@gmail.com


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