Indian Traditions and Science behind

We Indians are always attracted towards western culture, which is not bad. But we neglect Indian culture and traditions and relate it to superstition. Not everything that is driven from mythology and ancient India is superstitious. Each tradition has a scientific background, and you will be amazed to know that. Here are some of the traditions and the science behind it –

 Doing Namaset – it is very popular and the identity of Indian culture, each and everybody in the world knows this gesture. There is a scientific reason behind greeting in such a manner, joining both hands ensure touching the tips of all the fingers together, which are linked to pressure points of all the five senses. And pressing those points helps us remember that person.

 To not wash hair on Thursday or Saturday- I was personally very rebellious with this tradition since childhood, because I just did not want to follow any rule without any scientific reason, but later I found that this tradition was decided to save water on certain days in week, which seems logical to me.

 Idol worship – The god is everywhere, and it has been taught to us since childhood, so why do we need an idol to worship, it is because we are able to concentrate more on prayer because we shape thoughts as per what we see.

 Sitting on floor in Sukhasana position – Eating food sitting on the floor and in sukhasana positions helps in better digestion and it is a position of yoga as well, which is a happy position.

 Worshiping Peepal Trees – Our ancestors knew that it is the only tree which gives oxygen even at night, and the tree must be protected at any cost, so they combined the religious side to it.

 Not sleeping with your head towards North – It is because our body also contains some amount of magnetic field and the Earth also has its own magnetic field, which leads to asymmetry and friction between both, hence it is not recommended to sleep with your head towards North.

These are very few examples of Indian traditions, there are plenty more. Each custom has its scientific background, it’s just that technology has advanced a lot so we do not need to follow each and every tradition, but we should give respect to our Indian culture and its traditions. Our ancestors were way more advanced at that time that they thought about science and associated the things with religion, so that people can follow it for so long.

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