The word itself seems to be so pleasing . As if there is nothing beyond that.

People who often remain quiet or silent are mostly considered as introverts, calm or shy.

Is it possible that all the quiet people are as much happier or at a peaceful state of mind. 

Silence is not always peaceful. One could be quiet but not at peace at the same time. The chaos that gets created in mind often resists people to be at peace. Silence that seems to be pleasant to others may behold a lot of noise. The noise of unexpressed emotions and feelings.

Do we ever bother to hear that?

Rarely we do. Infact we love the silence as if it takes us to another level of peace. We enjoy the silence of a deep sea being unaware of the storm hidden beneath it. Unknowingly we connect this silence with the calmness.

Same is with the human beings. A person could be calm if there is no conflict of thoughts going in his mind. But most of the time the situation is completely reversed. People don’t share their feelings to avoid the outer conflicts and pretend to be calm and happy. This behaviour then turns into a habit and the environment becomes silent. As it helps in reducing lots of arguments and differences.

But they can’t resist themselves from thinking about it all the time. Their mind becomes a slave of their unfulfilled desires, constant thoughts and sometimes a lots of negativity that completely ruins the peace of mind.

The outer silence is amalgamated with such chaos that becomes difficult to handle for the person himself and then for others too.

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Hello friends. I am Pragya Chakrapani. I have worked as a teacher and now I am a homemaker. I am a passionate writer. I believe that each and every emotion needs to be expressed. I always get inspired with the beauty of words and rhymes I have joined this platform to express myself more confidently and consistently.




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