Fading Memories of The Unsent Letter

You held my cold fingers,

Yet that make me feel triggered,

After all the unspoken rages,

I felt nothing that could hold a trace.

Embrace me with my fragments,

You can’t see my faith is dusted.

Have seen my tears falling yet?

Oh, you did after a long reck.

How could you claim your heart?

By breaking mine, yet here you are.

I know, how survived those thoughts.

An unseen figure coming towards me,

Holding my palm that will set me free.

Something warm rolled on my cheek.

That torn my heart in thousand one.

Say you still want to go on?

Had your part unseen too,

Hide your tears, suppress scream.

As you left mine unheard too,

Saw me weeping before you,

If you still wish to wait,

Go ahead and pass the hurdles.

And yet if you desire my company.

Stay till the end of my mourn.

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I am Shashwati Khatai, completed my M.A. in English language and literature in 2020 from Khallikote University, Berhampur

Instagram- https://instagram.com/shashwati_khatai/


Email- shashwati.megha.1993@gmail.com


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