Power of Friendship

Nowadays, I feel the purest form of an adult friendship is when you both support each other without any condition or expectation. You don’t msg or call daily, but whenever you both meet, meet regularly. Why am I writing here “as an adult friendship”? Because at the age of let’s say 21-25, our adulthood journey begins & we start to realise a lot of things. A lot of things are happening in our lives, but this friendship helps us survive. I feel this friendship is so pure, true, and more loving, enriching, nurturing, and helps to grow us as individuals too.

Having these friends gives us that comfort, that sense of safety, that assurance, and, most importantly, the feeling of unconditional love. The feeling of being fortunate enough to have friends who support us, who are proud of us, and who celebrate our achievements is what makes us feel fortunate in a competitive world.

That’s the power of friendship. These adult friendships are a symbol of how we choose people, what our preferences are, what we consider to connect with them, what similarities there are, what different things they have, and, in the end, what are our virtues, values, and attributes? Friendship is the best gift we can ever receive. Adult friendship is like the cherry on top. I know we may experience some bad experiences, but the authentic ones will stay with us no matter what. Most of the time we can’t meet each other, we can’t speak daily, sometimes we can’t reply to a message, but there is some bond we have shared with each other that helps us to remain in this friendship forever. You will be amazed at why I’m frequently using this “adult friendship” phrase, because I think this is also the most important phase of our lives. In this phase, we learn a lot. We learn, fall, grow, and experience various things. Through these good and bad things, these friends are there for us. There are many problems that come across to us, and these friends are there to help us, listen to us, and love us. They embrace the beauty of our bond, our love. This is magical and mesmerizing, I would say. So this is all about adult friendship.

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I’m a psychologist and writer. For me writing is my outlet to bare or tolerate my pain and poetry is my heart. Self love is the best form of love.

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