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A Nightly Affair

On a wooden bench I sat alone

The despair weighing me down.

I see the lights, I see the colour

I see the ones dancing in the flickering lights;

Faces no more, I’m blinded by tears.

A ray of hope I long

A warm smile I pine.

Feet dizzy, thoughts blurry

My body’s afloat.


Bullish on my life I wait

On a wooden bench I wait alone.

Fuzzy brain stooping so low

Deafening chaos inside my head

Painting me a fiery red; red of sins

Reeking of old mess I sat,

On a wooden bench I sat alone.


A midnight’s blue in he is

Freshness of a new rain he has

Gleaming with fine charm he is

Clearing the clouds of despond

Awakening the butterflies he is

I see the lights now; swaying to my delight

Clasping them hopes anew,

On a wooden bench we sat,

Painting a purple together.

Editors: Mrinali

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Hello! I’m Ashwini Balu, an architect by profession, but a hopeless romantic, artist and writer by passion. You can call me an ambivert, but the feelings reciprocate. Having a wide heart for travel, my best interest lies in creating memories with people. A sucker for being vocal and watering down my thoughts, I try to create a better world!

Instagram- https://instagram.com/ashwini_balu/

Email- baluash4@gmail.com


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