An Empty Palette

The eyes had never seen so many colours and yet thought of the world as colourless. Sitting in a room full of people and looking at their smiles, their laughs, their sighs and their yawns, we realise there is so much to see, but still the eyes never rest. They do not rest, not because they have found things to look at and cannot stop their wandering, but due to the unsettling fact that everywhere they look, and everything they see, doesn’t hold their attention and forces them to move on. 

The sheer restlessness that comes from within might irritate one and make them feel that everything is insignificant. 

Maybe it’s an artist’s mind that looks for colour everywhere and longs to paint the places that are blank, but how would one, no matter how great an artist, paint if their palette is empty. How could one add colour around them when there’s none to spare. When one’s mind gets as blank as a white canvas, they feel a need to pick up the brush and paint it full of curious things, but there comes a time when the sheer task of picking up the brush seems like a tiresome exercise.

In moments of emptiness, one tries to paint the blank sheet but ends up crumbling it. In moments like these one uses hands instead of brushes to feel the emptiness and ends up painting it white because that’s the colour a sorrowful yet curious hand picks, and yet we fail to see that there can be darkness, even in light. 

There can be sorrow, even in white.

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Hey there! I’m Murtaza. I’m a reader who loves to write stuff he wants to read…If that makes sense. Apart from reading and writing, I also love painting, so you can say I’m a sucker for all sorts of art forms -Including myself ;). When I’m not reading, writing or painting, I’m overthinking. But something which I excel at, is being confused.

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