Ode to Aam ka Achar.

It is art like you that almost becomes lyrics to songs before a bottle of sense washes the page away.

To preserve is to err.

You saturate yourself with elements of immortality

but I knew today, when I had to throw you away because you stunk; of falsity and pretense.

How did you attain the much coveted title of being called a pickle when you can hardly sustain the test of the dreary heat.

Time you say is what you can defeat.

But are you too enclosed within those walls of bottles to see time for the fridge that covers you?

I was angry today when I had to cover you with a beautiful dark cloth and bury you under the pins- That you lied, you could pull through without a fridge.

Woe is me!

Let me continue your legacy instead.

And preserve you Winsome Aam na Achar.

In these words of mine, as art that almost becomes lyrics to songs before sense washes the pages away.

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Hi. I am Achet Longchari, a literature student from the University of Delhi. I write to communicate the throbbing songs of creation by adhering to the ‘Observe and Write’ principle. A lover of Jesus, an admirer of Wordsworth, and a friend of imagination. Poetry is my testimony.

Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/creationsofthe.heart/

Email- odangchetlalong123@gmail.com


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