Town Lights

The yellow tinge of the crowded marketplace

Where hawkers scream about pomfret and prices,

And where shawls men hunch over in the invisible space

Between exchanges of hands and exchanges of vices

Turn now to the small candle-lit kitchen

Up above is a shabbily thatched roof

And brewing in the pot is soup and superstition

Yet we starve for another day, wanting for ample breaths and

ampler food

Food, food, food-everywhere the eye can see

On the big man’s oak-wooded dining table

The surface shines with pride and glee

While the plates are emptied at the nearest stable

The big man sits now, at his fireplace

In hand, a serving of melting ice cream

The light drowns him in a sticky glaze

As does the dessert, his dirty face and dirtier dream

The marketplace quiets down

The kitchen light stuffs out

The big man gulps the light of the town

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Hi! I’m Kaushiki Chowdhury. I’m a prospective undergraduate and I intend to pursue english with an elective of film studies. I enjoy reading books and my current read is “A Little Life”

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